Brittany and Bryan’s Huntingburg Old Town Hall Wedding

I promise to love you even when you feel unlovable.

There were so many powerful moments on Brittany and Bryan’s wedding day.

During Brittany’s first look with her dad, Keith, before he turned around for the reveal, I asked her to tell him about her favorite memory with him.

Brittany’s voice shook a little. Holding back tears, she said that she didn’t know what her favorite memory was necessarily, but that she knew what her favorite picture was. She described it and how happy it makes her looking at it.

As photographers, we know this. We know how important it is to document these moments because some day the memory may not be there, but the photo will be. If a photo can evoke that strong of a feeling, one that has the bride, the dad, the bridesmaids, and the photographer tearing up on the patio, then imagine what it will be like when Brittany and Bryan are sitting together decades from now looking through the photographs from this day?

During the ceremony, Brittany and Bryan had their church elders come up and pray with them. It was extremely moving watching these pillars of their community help them establish a strong foundation for their marriage. I looked around and saw more than one guest with tears rolling down their cheeks.

Later on, when it came time for the first dances, Brittany had three father-daughter dances. Most of my brides are lucky enough just to have one. Brittany even had two of her dads walk her down the aisle. All three dances were incredibly special moments. There were a few tears and breaking apart to laugh then coming back together in a hug.

But one of my favorite wedding traditions is exchanging letters the morning of the wedding. People communicate in different ways and as someone who definitely is much better at putting my feelings on paper than speaking them, I think that this provides a wonderful opportunity for both parties to really reflect on what the day will bring (as well as the next years and decades).

When I was going through the photos of Brittany reading the letter Bryan gave her, a single line jumped out at me.


I promise to love you even when you feel unlovable.


Maybe it’s the emotion of the season, maybe it’s the joy I feel for a couple I’ve loved getting to know this year, but this really resonated with me. Because that’s what marriage is about, isn’t it? There are going to be days when they fail. Times when they feel like they’ve let the other down. Times when they feel like they’ve let the world down.

And times when they feel unlovable.

And having someone promise to love you during the rough times carries so much more weight than someone loving you when things are perfect. These two are starting this off right.

Congratulations, Brittany and Bryan! I so loved being part of your day!

Venue: Huntingburg Old Town Hall, Huntingburg, Indiana

Dress: @essenseofaustralia from @ellaparkbridal

Suits: @menswearhouse

Makeup: @makeupbyalikermode

Hair: Valerie Carter

Bridesmaid Dresses: @iheartazazie

Bridesmaid Jewelry: @etsy

Bridal Jewelry: @jcpenny

DJ: @djrerum

Catering: Sander Catering (

Cake: Zetta Konerding

Cupcakes: Holly Xanders

2nd Shooter: Jennifer Johnstone

One thought on “Brittany and Bryan’s Huntingburg Old Town Hall Wedding

  1. You sure have the eye. Your composition is fantastic! What wonderful images you have created to refresh memories through the years.


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