Macy and John’s Oh-So-Lovely Waveland Wedding

I look over at Macy’s bridesmaids and they are all tears. Seven gorgeous ladies all dressed in beautiful blush dresses that look amazing on every single one of them with hair and makeup on point… and they are crying.

The ceremony hasn’t even started yet. It’s early afternoon and we’re all sitting in Macy’s hotel suite.

Oh, and I’m crying, too.

We’re watching Macy read a letter John gave her to open before the ceremony. I don’t know what it says, but I’m certain it’s all the right things. We watch Macy’s forehead crinkle up in the adorable way I now know it does when she’s getting emotional and trying not to cry, but clearly none of us have the same restraint.

She looks up and blinking back tears just says “wow, he did a really good job!”

We laugh. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara.

Everyone’s crying because we all know how amazing John is for Macy. Over the time that I’ve known them through the planning process, engagement session, and weeks of excitement leading up to today, I can tell you he’s a true gentleman. He’s romantic and caring and funny, but serious when he needs to be and as my husband would say, looks at Macy “like she hung the moon”. And Macy is perfect for him. She’s bubbly and kind and joyful, on top of being super sharp and clearly so proud of the man that John is.

We’re crying because we’re as sure about this marriage as anyone will ever be about one. We are so incredibly happy that they’ve found each other, that this day is happening, that we get to all bear witness to their celebration of faith and love.

I nervously watched the weather all week before Macy and John’s wedding. 20% chance of rain. 80% chance of rain. 50% chance of rain. It’s probably just better to not look at the weather.

I wanted it to be perfect, because Macy and John deserve perfect. When I stopped by Waveland that morning and met Macy’s sweet parents working to finish making Macy’s fabulous vision a reality, I thought “it can’t rain”. When I saw the stunning floral arbor and the rose petal aisle… it can’t rain. When the dark clouds started rolling in a couple of hours before the ceremony… it can’t rain.

Let me be clear: not that rain would have ruined their day or dampened their spirits. All day long I watched them thank and constantly check in on their friends and family. They are two of the kindest, most patient, loving people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. When the schedule had to change a couple times throughout the day they took it in stride. Had it rained all day they still would have had their arms around each other, laughing, and sharing in their joy with everyone around them.

Right before the groom walked to the front of the beautiful aisle we thought we heard thunder. I looked at a guest and we exchanged worried glances.

Not so fast…

Someone realized John had his microphone on and every time he rubbed up against it nervously, as a groom often does waiting for the bride to appear, it made a sound that could easily be mistaken for thunder. This made us smile, although no doubt the grey clouds were approaching. But, it still meant we had a little time.

When Macy walked down the aisle neither of them could hold it together. So, in addition to the crying bridesmaids and photographers, now add Macy and John and nearly everyone else at the wedding. For what rain the clouds lacked at that moment, we easily made up for and more.

We watched as they made promises, while they took turns to smile at each other, took communion, where they helped each other kneel and lift glasses, and then we all cheered together as they were finally pronounced husband and wife and there was a kiss.

Then there was another kiss.

And another.

Miraculously, the weather managed to hold off and the real thunder started shortly thereafter, followed by some pretty intense wind gusts. But, of course, in true Macy and John fashion, when we had to unprecedentedly rapidly run through wedding party, bridesmaid, family photos, and portraits because storms were due at any moment, they kept checking in on everyone and each other and, hilariously, thanking me for being there.

It’s so clear how much they value their friends and family and the community they’ve helped create. I had such a fun time seeing familiar faces whether my previous students or friends from around Lexington.

Yes, it did start pouring, but it waited until right after Macy and John walked into their reception. And once it started, boy did it rain. And storm. For hours. It would not have been a simple rain delay for the ceremony. Someone is looking out for these two.

So, in honor of everyone’s favorite newlyweds, now it’s my turn to say a few thanks.

Thank you to their sweet families for being so friendly and accommodating and working so hard to put the day together. You made me feel welcome and when my job involves being present during some of the most intimate parts of the day, feeling welcome goes such a long way. Thank you to the other vendors for putting your heart and soul into your crafts. It was so special to hear how much you, too, adore Macy and John and wanted their day to be perfect. Thank you to Catrina Vogt (@catrinaannephotography), my second shooter and go-to-girl for the day, you are so much fun and definitely saved the day with your Target run.

And finally, thank you to Macy and John for being so wonderful this year and making my job easier than it should ever be. I hope you know how much of an inspiration and treasure you are to your friends and how proud your families are of you. I absolutely can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!


Venue: Waveland State Historic Site

Dress: Twirl (@twirllex)

Suits: Men’s Wearhouse (@menswearhouse)

Hair: Maddie Wofford (@hairbymaddiewoff)

Arbor and Aisle Floral: Natural Endeavors (@naturalendeavorsllc)

Bridal Party, Doors, and Reception Floral: Courtney Eaton (@edenroseflorals)

Officiant: Austin Wofford (@austinwofford_)

Planner: Devon Freeman (@devonrfreeman)

Cake: Martine’s (@martinespastries)

Electric String Trio (@electriastrings)

DJ: Bluegrass Beat (@bluegrass_beat)

Catering: City Barbeque (@citybbq)

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