Ethan and Miranda’s Lexington Engagement Session

Occasionally I have couples that are living outside of Kentucky. This means trying to schedule engagement sessions around travel schedules. In this case, it was trying to schedule an engagement session around both of our travel schedules.

Ethan and Miranda flew in late on a Sunday night in June and I was flying out Monday afternoon, so Monday morning was the session, rain or shine. It also just so happens that Ethan’s parents are my next-door neighbors. So when they texted me to get my opinion on outfits on Sunday night I was like “sure, be right over”.

Here’s the problem… Ethan works for Google. Why is that a problem?

Both Ethan and Miranda are incredibly bright and witty (which I appreciate, sarcasm is my preferred language). It was fun following along with his parent’s updates when he scored an internship and then later, the full-time position. But, as I found out during this session, he doesn’t own a suit or a jacket because he doesn’t have to wear one for work… and didn’t have to wear one for his interview.

First, I think that’s a corporate dress code we can all get behind. However, this is how we all ended up in the dining room the night before their session picking out clothes. For the record, I love doing this and many of my couples will tell you that we’ve gone back and forth with texts and photos picking out outfits. In this case, Miranda already had a dress she liked so it was all about finding what worked for Ethan. I think we did pretty well so major thanks to Ethan and Miranda for their flexibility and trust and Mike and Trish for all the last-minute shopping!

We did the first part of the session at the Bell House where they will actually be getting married in October. Once the weather started to turn a little, we moved over to Chocolate Holler, one of my favorite spots in Lexington for hanging out and working. I thought it would be a fun spot for the second half of their session because we could stay dry and they’d never been there… plus, who turns down chocolate?

It was pretty busy but we were able to snag a table in the back, by the pile of board games. Ethan and Miranda are really into playing board games together (although they admitted their favorites are more on the strategy side) so it was fun to bust out the Connect Four and let them get competitive. They have an absolute blast together and it’s so much fun to see them laughing and giggling, something you’ll see throughout their photos!

One last note…. While we were there, the baristas at Chocolate Holler crafted us some excellent drinks. After the iced coffees, iced chocolates, and handmade sodas we were properly caffeinated and sugared and ready to get on with our day (a flight for me and meeting with wedding vendors for them). If you’ve booked a wedding or session with me you know that there and A Cup of Commonwealth are where I meet most of my clients, and it’s for a reason, delicious beverages and wonderful people. If you haven’t stopped by Chocolate Holler this summer, definitely go while they are still doing sodas and get the strawberry one… you won’t regret it!

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