Jessica and Sean’s Mustard Seed Hill Wedding

In no particular order, here’s a handy list of things that wedding photographers love:

  • First looks
  • Crying grooms
  • Couples that value photos and ensure there is plenty of time for them
  • Alcohol (because dancing)
  • Excellent lighting
  • Mismatched but complimentary bridesmaids dresses (100 points for visual interest!)
  • Smiles
  • Relaxed timelines
  • People actually having a wonderful time

These make our job oh-so-much easier and fun and it was no surprise that Jessica and Sean’s wedding checked all these boxes and more. I’ve seriously looked forward to this wedding ever since she first messaged me because I knew that it would be beautiful (mostly because she creates beautiful things). Then, after spending more time with them, I knew that it was going to be emotional, sweet, and a ton of fun.

One of the aspects of the day that they said was important to them was not rushing, but taking time to really ‘be there’, to appreciate the commitment they were making to each other, and to truly enjoy being surrounded by their close friends and family. And that’s what the day was, a series of slow, meaningful moments.

The day started early with a yoga and mimosa session by Mimoga Events (add it to your wedding day, ladies… or gents!) before all the prepping and primping. I love how Jessica made sure to build in time to get centered and start the day as serenely as possible.

Mustard Seed Hill, a relatively new venue, is gorgeous, and while the women were getting even more beautiful upstairs in well-lit spacious rooms, the men were downstairs playing pool and goofing around in the groom’s suite. After both were dressed they read letters from each other, another slow moment set aside to remember what the day is actually about. They started their letters the exact same way, reminiscing about the 8 years they’ve shared and finished the exact same way, signing ‘Forever and Always’.

The rest of the day progressed exactly as it should, there were tears and laughter and dancing and everything a great wedding should have. They took their time during their sparkler exit and even went back to the dance floor to keep the party going.

But my absolute favorite part was the first look.

Before the first look, Sean’s father (who is absolutely hilarious and who officiated the ceremony) was taking bets with the groomsmen on who would cry first, Jessica or Sean. He knew it was coming. That’s what I love about a first look. You aren’t standing in front of a hundred people trying to hold your emotions back. You aren’t thinking about what your ugly cry looks like or if there are tissues hidden in your bouquet.

You can cry.

You can gush over how handsome he looks in that navy suit or how much you love the sparkly blue shoes on her.

You can whisper exactly what you are thinking into the ear of the person you get to marry in just a few minutes.

You can laugh over the anticipation and nervousness, together, to remind yourselves of how you ended up here.

And you can wrap your arms tightly around one another and, for a few sweet moments, let everything else in the world fade away.

Exactly like they did.

Planning: Lex Effect (@lexeffectky)
Venue: Mustard Seed Hill (@mustardseedhillky)
Dress: Amy Kuschel (@amykuschel) from Meant to Be (@meanttobeboutique)
Suits: Geno’s (@gfatux)
Hair & Makeup: Sara Drury (@saradrury)
Bridesmaids: Azazie (@iheartazazie)
Photography: Summer Jasmine Photography (@summerjasminephoto)
Florist: Evelyn Kramer (@ebkramer55)
Cakes: Cakes By Jess (@cakesbyjessr)
Catering: City BBQ (@citybbq)
Bartending: Amendment 21 (@amendment21bartending)
Rentals: Oasis Productions (@oasisproductions)
Yoga & Mimosas: Mimoga (@mimogaevents)
Officiant: Doug Piatt
DJ: Matt Simons
2nd Shooter: Janice Plaugher (@janiceplaugherphoto)

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