Ethan and Miranda’s Bell Court Wedding

Between the high temperatures throughout August and the rapid onset of winter, it seemed like we had just a few perfect fall days this year. Ethan and Miranda’s wedding happened to be on one of them.

The wedding was in our neighborhood… our neighborhood being where Ethan grew up and where I currently live. It made for a short commute for myself and many neighbors as we all gathered in the park by the monkey tree. Neighbors, friends, and family joyfully hugged, kissed, and greeted each other. A sweet dog that had escaped from his owner in the park came over wagging its tail and greeting guests, prompting laughter and smiles from everyone.

As the ceremony started and “What A Wonderful World” drifted out over the rows from the speaker. After the dog, the laughter, the weather, the setting, and the general laid-back feeling of the day, hearing those familiar words made it all seem that much more beautiful.

From the time I’ve spent with Ethan and Miranda I’ve learned that they love to laugh and joke, especially when nervous, but still in a very genuine way as they clearly absolutely adore each other. Their ceremony was peppered with these sweet moments of laughter, like when he told her that without her he’d probably be in an apartment surrounded by empty pizza boxes. Or when she vowed to laugh at at least 60% of his jokes.

The wit continued well into the evening when the best man quipped that he realized recently that all of his favorite things about Ethan are because of Miranda. Bubbles drifted across the room, left over from the ceremony and making for many Instagram story-worthy photos. Miranda’s sister divulged that Miranda had started telling her about Ethan, before they started dating, prompting laughs and whooping from the tables.

It wasn’t ALL jokes, there were some very sweet and emotional moments throughout the day. The ceremony was rather emotional, with the handfasting ceremony and hand-written vows. I loved all the personal touches they incorporated, folding favorite books into the paper bouquets and boutonnieres, hers a novel and his a math textbook (true story). Finally, the cake, the pièce de résistance of the reception, was decorated with “book pages” with a passage from The History of Love

Once upon a time, there was a boy…

He lived in a village
that no longer exists,
on the edge of a field that no longer exists,
where everything was discovered
and everything was possible.

A stick could be a sword.
A pebble could be a diamond.
A tree was a castle.

Once upon a time,
there was a boy who lived in a house
across the field from a girl
who no longer exists.
They made up a thousand games.

She was the Queen and he was the King.
In the autumn light, her hair shone like a crown. 

They collected the world in small handfuls.
When the sky grew dark,
they parted with leaves in their hair.

Once upon a time
there was a boy who loved a girl,
and her laughter was a question
he wanted to spend his whole life answering.

Officiant: Will Roach-Barrette
Dress: Blue Sky Bridal
Bridesmaid Dress: David’s Bridal
Groom and Groomsmen: Geno’s
Catering: Bella Notte
Cake: Martines

2 thoughts on “Ethan and Miranda’s Bell Court Wedding

  1. Wowza! LOVE, LOVE the photos & this entire
    Content! Thanks for including me in this wonderful memory😍🤗
    The wedding couldn’t have been more perfect,
    & your photos captured it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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