Ethan and Miranda’s Bell Court Wedding

Between the high temperatures throughout August and the rapid onset of winter, it seemed like we had just a few perfect fall days this year. Ethan and Miranda’s wedding happened to be on one of them. The wedding was in our neighborhood… our neighborhood being where Ethan grew up and where I currently live. ItContinue reading “Ethan and Miranda’s Bell Court Wedding”

Nicole and Bleik’s Intimate Japanese Garden Wedding

“I found my forever partner already, so I knew what to look for” Nicole tells me this over coffee at our neighborhood coffee shop. She glances towards Bleik, sitting next to her, and squeezes his hand. They just finished telling me the story of how they came to be, how a series of tragic andContinue reading “Nicole and Bleik’s Intimate Japanese Garden Wedding”

Stephanie and Andrew’s Thoroughbred Center Wedding

Writing your own vows is one of the best ways to make a traditional wedding ceremony personal. It’s also one of the best ways to ensure a nearly total lack of dry eyes in the room.  Stephanie and Andrew were married at the beautiful Thoroughbred Center in Lexington, a world-class training center for thoroughbreds andContinue reading “Stephanie and Andrew’s Thoroughbred Center Wedding”

Brittany and Nathan’s Northern Kentucky Wedding

It was just the two of them, locked in embrace and slowly swaying in the middle of the otherwise empty dance floor. There were no guests circled around recording this moment. No proud parents. No smiling friends or cousins. No fidgety children. Just them, ensuring that in the middle of the wedding chaos that theyContinue reading “Brittany and Nathan’s Northern Kentucky Wedding”