Cozy Winter Distillery District Engagement Session


“You’re so beautiful. How’d I ever get so lucky?”

That’s what Andrew wrote on one of the photos from our session that Elizabeth posted. 

And he’s right, she is. Maybe she’s always so full of life, I’m not sure since I just met them a few weeks ago, but I suspect he’s partially responsible for the laughter and smiles.  

I can tell she feels the same way about him, too. When both people feel so incredibly fortunate to have found the other it produces this almost tangible gratitude. And that’s an energy that you just want to be around.   

We had so much fun exploring the different corners of the distillery district in Lexington in the late winter sun. In between shots they had me laughing, especially telling stories of the dynamics of having a dog, a cat, and a rabbit under one roof. I can’t imagine, two cats produce enough wild antics in our household. Besides, if I had that trio I’d never get anything done because I’d always be taking photos of every. single. adorable. interaction.

February can be dismal in terms of weather, but we were given an amazing, golden evening. It was warm enough to be comfortable, but not too warm that getting all cozy, wrapped up in a blanket or curling up for champagne was out of order. Andrew effortlessly opened the champagne and poured their glasses. I need him around on all of my champagne sessions.

Personally, I feel like any time is a good time for champagne, but a blanket, a field, and the setting winter sun seemed like the perfect end to the day. He leaned towards her and gently kissed her. They were both giggling. Maybe it was the bubbles. Or maybe it was the closeness that an engagement session brings. It’s time set aside to make beautiful art while looking a person in the eyes that you have chosen as your forever person.

Just look at them. 

Can all days be so beautiful?


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