Formal Champagne Engagement Session in Lexington

“Can you at least tell me if I need to put all my stuff in 3.4 oz bottles in a Ziploc bag?” That’s what made me laugh the most about Tawny and Matt’s engagement story. He flew in her family and had planned an airport proposal with their help. Matt told her that they wereContinue reading “Formal Champagne Engagement Session in Lexington”

Cozy Winter Distillery District Engagement Session

  “You’re so beautiful. How’d I ever get so lucky?” That’s what Andrew wrote on one of the photos from our session that Elizabeth posted.  And he’s right, she is. Maybe she’s always so full of life, I’m not sure since I just met them a few weeks ago, but I suspect he’s partially responsibleContinue reading “Cozy Winter Distillery District Engagement Session”