Waiting For Moonrise

Every once in a while I’ll throw in a personal post about my travels, life, or other musings. This is the first. We lie on our backs and point into the air, drawing invisible lines with our fingertips to connect the stars. By my final night we’ve amassed a respectable group of known constellations andContinue reading “Waiting For Moonrise”

Red River Gorge Engagement Session

When I suggested a little adventure for Tori and David’s engagement session, she replied “the more nature the better!” Yes!!!  We picked the Red River Gorge to try and get amazing, sweeping views. This meant a little bit of a haul for them since they are in Louisville. These two, however, are no strangers toContinue reading “Red River Gorge Engagement Session”

Cozy Winter Distillery District Engagement Session

  “You’re so beautiful. How’d I ever get so lucky?” That’s what Andrew wrote on one of the photos from our session that Elizabeth posted.  And he’s right, she is. Maybe she’s always so full of life, I’m not sure since I just met them a few weeks ago, but I suspect he’s partially responsibleContinue reading “Cozy Winter Distillery District Engagement Session”